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pedigree image for 'BAKU'    (year: 1968) [depth=5]

 change image tree depth:     Show year of release (when known): BAKU (1968) MPI 53.3111/486 PLANET (1955) MPI 43.821/18 MPI 44.1016/10 seedling FLAVA (1931) MPI 40.664/8 AQUILA (1942) MPI 40.1359/22 MITTELFRUHE (1933) ERDGOLD (1928) JAUNE D'OR (<1850) MPI 39.41/42 STARKERAGIS (1933) 1((POLANIN x EF XII-2) x JUBEL) x HINDENBURG (1942) KONSURAGIS (1930) HINDENBURG (1916) EDELTRAUT (1923) INDUSTRIE (1900) JUBEL (1908) unknown RAGIS 3333 ORANGE ((POLANIN x EF XII-2) x JUBEL) HINDENBURG RAGIS 2459 CARNEA ISMENE JUBEL BOHM 155/06 INDUSTRIE ZWICKAUER FRUHE SIMSON VICTORIA AUGUSTA 78/92

note: tree images are dimensioned to accomodate full info at the deepest level (the more levels, the taller the picture),
if no info is available at a deep level you may want to reduce the tree depth to obtain a more concise overview