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pedigree image for 'EKRA'    (year: 1991) [depth=5]

 change image tree depth:     Show year of release (when known): EKRA (1991) PG 290 KA. 67.207/16 PG 232 PROSNA (1972) KA. 56.119/119 BU 57/9/15 PG rosl. 96 ORA (1952) Z 10465 Z 951 MPI 55.957/54 USDA 96-56 CAPELLA (1943) BRA 9089 DELFIN (1946) 854/41 TIGER (1939) 1591 x STARKERAGIS (1972) MPI 50.140/5 MPI 44.1016/10 USDA 3895-13 EARLAINE EDDA (INDUSTRIE x (EF XII-2 x POLANIN)) ((CHILOTE x SVITEZ) x landrace) ((CHILOTE x SVITEZ) x landrace) 177/38 STARKERAGIS dms-hybrid WELKERSDORFER COLUMBA 591 STARKERAGIS

note: tree images are dimensioned to accomodate full info at the deepest level (the more levels, the taller the picture),
if no info is available at a deep level you may want to reduce the tree depth to obtain a more concise overview