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pedigree image for 'RUTT'    (year: 1982) [depth=5]

 change image tree depth:     Show year of release (when known): RUTT (1982) LAILA (1969) ALCMARIA (1969) PIMPERNEL (1953) DS X AS-737 SIRTEMA (1947) 1SASKIA x (CPC 1673-20 (adg) x FURORE) (1969) POPULAIR (1928) MULDER K 101 DOON STAR (1926) AS (1930) DORST H 123A FRUHMOLLE (1931) SASKIA (1946) 1CPC 1673-20 (adg) x FURORE (1969) ROBIJN (1926) MONOPOOL (1922) BRAVO (1899) ALPHA (1874) TEMPLAR (1912) MAJESTIC (1911) HINDENBURG (1916) CENTIFOLIA (1919) TINWALD'S PERFECTION (1914) BERLIKUMER GEELTJE (<1890) ASCHE 118 JUBEL (1908) RODE EERSTELING (1933) HERALD (1928) CPC 1673-20 (adg) FURORE (1930) RODE STAR PREFERENT SPLENDO HASSIA ZEEUWSE BLAUWE WILHELM KORN EARLY ROSE SEBEC RECTOR MYATT'S ASHLEAF BRITISH QUEEN seedling ISMENE JUBEL BROCKEN FLORA unknown unknown VICTORIA AUGUSTA 78/92 DUKE OF YORK mutant MAJESTIC ABUNDANCE RODE STAR ALPHA

note: tree images are dimensioned to accomodate full info at the deepest level (the more levels, the taller the picture),
if no info is available at a deep level you may want to reduce the tree depth to obtain a more concise overview