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pedigree image for 'TERRAROSSA'    (year: 2016) [depth=5]

 change image tree depth:     Show year of release (when known): TERRAROSSA (2016) PA 97B23-2 PA 97B35-2 CRANBERRY RED N40-2 NDOP 5847-1RR PIKE (1996) CHIEFTAIN (1966) BLACK RUSSIAN ND 4255-3R BISON (1968) ALLEGANY (1989) ATLANTIC IA 1027-18 LA 1354 BLUE CONGO FONTENOT (1993) ND 3261-R MPI 49.767/7 EVA (1902) M 297-17 WISCHIP (1973) PEPITA (1980) DESIREE (1962) USDA B 595-76 PROGRESS MINN. 92.36-5 PONTIAC unknown LA 42-38 LA 42-38 VIKING ALASKA 10-87-19-57 MPI 47.174/13 AQUILA EARLY SUNRISE ERSTE VON FROMSDORF F 278-20 WAUSEON WIS 55-306.58 W 231 APOLLO LENNON 4062 URGENTA DEPESCHE

note: tree images are dimensioned to accomodate full info at the deepest level (the more levels, the taller the picture),
if no info is available at a deep level you may want to reduce the tree depth to obtain a more concise overview