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pedigree image for 'ZARECNY'    (year: 1981) [depth=5]

 change image tree depth:     Show year of release (when known): ZARECNY (1981) EPOKA (1955) AGRA (1940) R-913 DELFIN (1946) 1649.9 522.183 seedling dms 177/38 STARKERAGIS (1933) S. kesselbrenneri hybrid IMPERATOR (1875) PRIMADONNA (1922) 341633 P. 342 RAGIS 3333 ORANGE EARLY ROSE (1867) PATERSON'S VICTORIA (1856) ROTE HEIDELBERGER WILHELM KORN (1892) GARNET CHILI seedling FLUKE seedling unknown DABER ERSTE VON FROMSDORF

note: tree images are dimensioned to accomodate full info at the deepest level (the more levels, the taller the picture),
if no info is available at a deep level you may want to reduce the tree depth to obtain a more concise overview