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MQ² session overview


Session identifier: sample

Now that you have uploaded your data you can check for QTLs hotspot(s).

If you are analysing MapQTL output or an Excel file you can have multiple MapQTL sessions or sheets in your Excel document which may correspond to different analyses using different parameters of your QTL mapping. Please indicate which session/sheet you would like to use.

MQ² makes the assumption that there is only one QTL per linkage group. In order to find these QTLs we ask you to provide a LOD threshold. All LOD values above it will be considered as part of a QTL.

MapQTL session

The session identifier is the only way for you to find back your session if you close your browser.
The session is valid for at least 7 days, during that time, you may share this page or the session identifier with colleagues if you wish. After, you will have to re-upload your files.